About Us


At ARASA we strongly believe that Our People are Our Strength!

Enhancing Employability and Engagement and making a Difference to someone’s life is our passion; We are sure that we will want our esteemed Partners to enjoy every moment of working with us.

Team ARASA comprises of experienced professionals who have been associated with variety of industries ranging from Manufacturing; IT; ITES; Academics; NGO; Social Enterprises; Financial and Insurance sectors.



To be a trusted partner for individuals & organizations to help them enhance Employability & Engagement at all Levels through our impactful, innovative and efficient HR Consulting Services.


We derive our accomplishments and achievements through the success of our partners. We help our partners to achieve success through the provision of leading edge professional services, through creative solutions and quality processes designed for long term business partnerships. We infuse


A – Attitude

At ARASA; we believe that we can teach all the skills to do the job and be successful. We can even pass on our hard-earned lessons and wisdom from our experiences. The one thing we can never teach anyone is a positive attitude. We believe a positive attitude is usually a choice that only one can make for self! It is our value to demonstrate the Positive Attitude that infuses the positivity.

R – Respect

We will exercise patience and sensitivity in dealing with the concerns and problems of others. We will be open-minded, respectful, forthright, and fair in our interactions with our customers and with one another.

A – Authenticity

We will gain a greater sense of who we are, and of who we are meant to be. We will learn in collaboration; practical strategies to overcome the inner barriers that are holding us back, and to build the solid self-belief that is required for us and our partners to become what we are meant-to-be.

S – Simplicity

We strive for simplicity in all things: our products; our services; our processes; and our way of life. It’s easy to layer on complexity, but achieving simplicity requires ruthless editing. The result is solutions that are beautiful in their efficiency and clarity, easier to understand wholly, easier to translate to different situations and scales, and easier to change later.

A – Awareness

This is a foundation of both emotional intelligence and spiritual peace. By learning these disciplines we enhance our ability to more accurately and objectively observe what’s going on within us and around us.