ARASA; blessed by three Gurus; Achyutananda Bharathi; Ramana Maharshi; Sachidananda Bharathi; three Acharyas; who immensely practiced and preached Advaita and Adhyatma for the benefit of mankind in the very recent past. Some mention about them gives us the courage; determination and grit to achieve our goals and help others to enhance their capabilities and thus become what they want to be.

A – Sri Achyutananda Bharathi
RA – Sri Ramana Maharshi
SA – Sri Sachidananda Bharathi

Sri Achyutananda Bharathi – (1960 – 2017)

Born in a Hindu Brahmin family; Swamiji was mostly spent his initial period of sanyasa across the Himalayas; Narmada banks and finally settled in a tiny village called Kardipura near Madhugiri one of the Taluq Head-quarters of Karnataka. Swamiji helped and blessed many people to come out of their worldly difficulties and sorrows. He has always been very upfront and he believed both science and mythology. He has been a stanch upasaka of Lord Subramanya and he never differentiated or discriminated any individual based on caste; religion or belief. He has been a true strength and force behind our success and accomplishments.

Swamiji has always lived in present but his Sadhana and Upasana were undisturbed by any means. He was very much with the people who lived in families (Samsara) but yet practiced his Sanyasa Siddhantha. He was a great scholar and well-read with both contemporary and the cultures that were relevant for a Sadhaka.

Swamiji lived in Madhugiri, in Karnataka and was available at all times for his devotees to grace them.

Sri Ramana Maharshi – (1879 – 1950)

Sri Ramana Maharshi was an Indian sage and jivanmukta. Ramana Maharshi approved a number of paths and practices, but recommended self-enquiry as the principal means to remove ignorance and abide in Self-awareness, together with bhakti (devotion) or surrender to the Self.

Many devotees regarded Ramana Maharshi to be as Dakshinamurthy; as an avatar of Skanda; a divine form of Shiva popular in Tamil Nadu; as an incarnation of Jnana Sambandar, one of the sixty-three Nayanars; and as an incarnation of Kumārila Bhatta; the 8th century Mimamsa-philosopher. Ramana Maharshi described his Self as a “force” or “current”, which descended on him in his death-experience, and continued throughout his life. Ramana Maharshi’s devotees experience miracles of his blessings and his true presence even these days. Ramana do not need much of explanation here! He is less spoke and more taught in silence! Discover yourself “who you are”!

Swamiji lived in Thiruvannamalai, in Tamil Nadu and physical soul never travelled. However, he was Omni present wherever his devotees requested to be present and grace them.

Sri Sachidananda Bharathi – (1953 – 2013)

Being ardent Tapaswi, Swami Sachidananda Bharathi has been may be the only one Mathadhipathi in the recent past who never game importance to anything other than spirituality and sadhana. Not for him the dalliance with material luxuries. Neither a Mercedes Benz nor a cell phone, neither V.I.P devotees nor wealth, ever attracted so much as a glance from this yogi. With his grace and strict discipline that was adapted at the whole mutt; there was no boast of any pomp and show and the entire disciples in the mutt were only focused on tapas and sadhana. The stark austerity of the mutt was perhaps one way to keep casual visitors at bay.

People have experienced his grace in astonishing ways. Small children, for instance, absolutely adored their “cashews and raisins Swamiji”! The child like joy that Swamiji experienced in stuffing as much dry fruits and nuts as little podgy hands could hold surpassed that of the child! Visitors would speak to their Guru on matters ranging from NASA’s latest satellite to the relentless turmoil of their own existence.

The Guru listened, questioned, clarified or just uttered Shree Ram in a way no one else can. The problems would instantly be manageable. At other times one would witness his conversation with a total stranger and suddenly get an answer to a problem that had plagued him for years. Each devotee was showered with that personal touch of love which made him feel blessed. And when he performed puja to the gods his divine rapport with them came alive in every tender move of his fingers.

Swamiji lived in Shivaganga, where he was the Peethadhipathi of Srigeri Shankar Mutt near Bangalore and also travelled wherever his devotees requested to be present and grace them.

You would see three distinct SEERS who have blessed ARASA the acronym in their own way!

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